Rising medical costs are the new reality

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MEDlink® Gap Insurance

Health care expenses are on the rise. APL’s MEDlink® is gap insurance* that’s designed to work with your major medical and high deductible health plans to help fill the gaps left by deductibles and copays — covering much of the out-of-pocket costs left after your major medical insurance has paid.

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What are the benefits of MEDlink®?

Supplement your medical insurance with the added protection of MEDlink®. Simply use your medical insurance as usual, and MEDlink® will help cover charges for in-patient and outpatient services that major medical insurance won’t pay. Just present your MEDlink® ID card at your provider’s office or submit your claim online to get benefits paid directly to you.

Why Buy Gap Insurance?

MEDlink® from APL is gap insurance that may help cover the expenses major medical doesn’t. Have a closer look.

Individuals continue to shoulder more medical costs. MEDlink® may help.

High deductible health plans are becoming more common, often leaving individuals without access to cost-effective medical insurance. Simply put, MEDlink® from APL is designed to help cover high deductibles and other out-of-pocket costs so you may not have to worry about being able to afford your medical insurance deductible.

Gap insurance is easy to use

MEDlink® is guarantee issue with no medical questions or exams when covered under your other medical plan. ID cards are provided to you, so benefits can be assigned to your provider — making the claims process simple!

Inpatient benefits help you focus on your health

Coverage may help fill in the gaps left by your major medical when you need inpatient care. Benefits include treatment while confined in a hospital, inpatient treatment of a mental or emotional disorder and even ambulance service when resulting in hospital confinement.

Outpatient expenses add up fast

MEDlink® may help with some of those costs. Outpatient benefits may cover treatment in an urgent care facility or emergency room, surgery in a hospital outpatient facility or freestanding outpatient surgical center and physical therapy.

Additional Benefit Options

Other benefits may be available to help cover outpatient costs such as treatment in a physician’s office, outpatient cancer treatment, independent lab tests and durable medical equipment like crutches or a brace.

Questions? We’re here to help!

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

If you prefer to talk, you can always call us at 800-256-8606.

Adding dependents to your coverage after the policy has been issued is subject to insurability requirements and requires a new application. Call your agent or contact us by email or call 800-256-8606 and we’ll connect you with your agent. Once we receive your application, we’ll carefully evaluate your application for new coverage and inform you of our decision via mail.

Please be sure all requests are submitted to our office at least 30 days before the desired effective date of coverage.

How do I make a change to my policy?

To request a change to your policy, including change of address, name, occupation, dependent coverage, remove a rider or request a duplicate policy, please download and complete the applicable section(s) of the Change & Request Form and return the completed form to us by fax at 877-807-0911 or mail to: APL, P.O. Box 269105, Oklahoma City, OK 73126-9105.

To request a Change of Beneficiary or a Change of Ownership, download the applicable form and follow the instructions provided.

Please be sure all requests are submitted to our office at least 30 days before the desired change date.

Do I have to fill out a claim form?

For consideration of most benefits, you need to complete a claim form either by filing your claim online in the Online Service Center or a paper claim form.

We may also need a signed Authorization to request additional information from your doctor to assist us in reviewing your claim, which is included in the claim form to help expedite the process.

Save time by uploading your claim form and supporting documentation from your Online Service Center account, or submit forms by fax at 877-365-9423 or mail to:

P.O. Box 248950,
Oklahoma City, OK 73124-8950

*This Supplemental Medical Expense policy provides limited benefits.

Underwritten by American Public Life Insurance Company. This product has limitations and exclusions. For complete benefits and other provisions, please refer to the policy/certificate/riders. A hospital is not an institution, or part thereof, used as: a place for rehabilitation, a place for rest or for the aged, a nursing or convalescent home, a long-term nursing unit or geriatrics ward, or an extended care facility for the care of convalescent, rehabilitative or ambulatory patients. All benefits may not be available in all states, does not replace Workers’ Compensation Insurance, is not a Medicare Supplement Policy and is inappropriate for people who are eligible for Medicaid coverage.

Other products listed may contain limitations, exclusions and waiting periods. See your specific policy for full coverage details. All benefits may not be available in all states. Some products may not replace Workers’ Compensation Insurance and may be inappropriate for people who are eligible for Medicaid coverage.